What We Do

New Zealand Angel Investment Showcase

Launched in 2011, the New Zealand Angel Investment Showcase is an annual gala dinner featuring presentations by up to 12 of New Zealand’s leading startups to the country’s largest gathering of investors.

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Flux Accelerator Demo Day

Demo Day presents an opportunity to showcase the most promising early-stage ventures around New Zealand, this evening marks the culmination of the Flux Accelerator program 2018, featuring startups from the inaugural 2018 cohort.

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Ice Angels Investment Evenings

Investment Evenings are hosted monthly, they are an opportunity for Ice Angels members to get together and hear from up to 5 start-ups who are seeking investment.  These events serve as the primary opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their opportunities with the Ice Angels members. Companies which present have been pre-screened by us to ensure they are ready to apply for investment.

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China Tour

Eaden Ventures had a transformational journey learning from the leading companies in China from different industries: iFLYTEK, Rong360, Koolearn, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, NIO, Fuson, Shenzhen Stock Exchange; and made our China debut by presenting to the local investment groups in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, thanks to the support of THTI, Uniservices, NZTE and PingAn Accelerator

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Eden Ventures Open House

Almost two years off the radar and we have introduced Eden Ventures properly last night at The Icehouse via an event which we call it ‘Eden Ventures Open House’.

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Blockchain Education Session with Alex Sims and James Law

We were very honored to have Alex Sims, Professor of the University of Auckland, and James Law, CEO of James Law Realty Limited, to explain blockchain technology and how to use big data to promote the development of the industry in the real estate field.

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